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I can be the treble baby…

I can be the treble baby, you can be the bass
You can be the bass, you can be the bass

The poetry in the words and the beat are infective … I am happy to dance after the disappointment of the previous song. Considering her popularity, I was expecting stage presence and sensuality from Britney Spears but she was physically subdued and robotic in her movements… this song and dance, however, inspire her as much as it inspires the crowd.

But with the next song, she returns to her vacuous lyrics and mechanical imitation of dance sequences from the movie Flashdance… all I can do is watch the contrived media blitz where the number of phone cameras clicking exceeds the number of bodies responding to the lip-syncing and the clich├ęd beats pumping through the sound system.

I grew up eschewing all pop music. Heavy dosages of The Smiths, The Cure, and other 80s alternative bands were my mainstay with the exception of Madonna whose sensuality crossed all boundaries.

I had hoped to find some redeeming value in this popular icon’s presence in San Francisco. I was hoping for Madonna but found plastic Barbie.

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Posted by on April 1, 2011 in bad music